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The Love Experiment

He can’t date, she doesn’t date…but what happens when they fall in love?

Dr Lily Galbraith solves her city’s love problems with wisdom and wit every week on her widely popular Love Doctor podcast, but her own approach to romance centres on one goal: staying single. So when a meet-cute in the sauna brings gorgeous Jay Hooper into her life she knows she needs to run the other way.

Having just agreed to a bet with his sister that he’ll stop dating and searching for ‘Mrs Right’ for at least six months, Jay tries to ignore the attraction he feels for Lily, which is only intensified when they find themselves working together.

He can’t date, and she doesn’t date…but then again, rules are made to be broken, aren’t they?

Love Experiment PB final_edited.png


'Whip smart dialogue, a lively ensemble cast who are a total scream and sizzling chemistry between Jay and Lily makes this a memorable and entertaining rom-com. Paired with a glass of wine it's the perfect summer read.
I laughed my way through this book even though it touches on some heavier themes such as coercive control.
I really loved the humour, especially in the interactions between Jay and Lily in their earlier scenes together. They have the best cute-meet ever!
Jay's sister, the girls at the youth centre and Lily's friends make up the rest of the humour and I just loved their side stories. 
I couldn't wait to see Jay and Lily finally get their HEA. I loved how well Jay handled events as they unfolded. He's so sweet. He doesn't react badly to Lily ever and he gives her space to figure herself out. We need more Jays in real life.'


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