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Kitty Wilson on a Cornish beach


Hello and welcome to my website. It's lovely that you have dropped by. Do have an explore and you'll find out about all my books, be able to read a little more about my thoughts on writing and my route to publication as well as see what I've been reading recently. 

About Me

I write warm and witty romantic comedies. My very first series – The Cornish Village School – was inspired by the fact that I lived in Cornwall for twenty-five years, having been dragged there as a stroppy teen. My time in Cornwall really did provide the perfect setting for my first foray into writing romance and I have since written numerous articles about why it is the perfect backdrop for romantic fiction.

A few years ago, I moved to Bristol and have used that as the setting for my latest two books.

The first, Every Day In December, has allowed me to indulge my great love for all things Christmas as well as my geeky passion for Shakespeare. In truth, I am still a little in love with Belle and Rory and should you pick this book up and read it, I hope you fall in love with them as much as I have.

My second based Bristol book, The Love Experiment, is a little darker and deals with many serious themes. It wasn't easy to write but on the flip side I had SO much fun researching this book and if you've read it, I suspect you know why. Hopefully, I have balanced the dark with enough light to still make you laugh-out-loud and have the odd swoony 'ahhhh' moment.

As to what I am working on at the moment, that has to stay under wraps for now but I promise if you sign up to my newsletter, you shall be the very first to know. I am having the best time writing it though ;-) 

There are links to my social media at the bottom of this page. I'm on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and am always happy to say hi to readers if they come and seek me out. Quite frankly, I love the distraction so do feel free to drop by and say hello! 

There's the option to sign up to my newsletter below, so you can hear all about my news, latest releases and any giveaways before everyone else.

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Kitty x

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